My Hero Academia Two Heroes Review: A Fine Debut for Anime Series

Updated: Sep 28, 2021


Superheroes are an all too common concept in this day and age. The idea of heroes saving the day has branched off into a number of mediums including televisions and of course movies. It is no different for the likes of anime as making a scene for Toei Animation is none other than My Hero Academia. The manga by Kohei Horikoshi is becoming a global hit as the story of Izuku Midoriya becoming the world’s greatest hero continues to grow in popularity. It has come to the point where the anime has followed many before it and gained its very own movie-My Hero Academia:Two Heroes. Directed by Kenji Nagasaki Two Heroes brings the uprising series to the big screen which could very well bridge My Hero’s popularity into a new format. The film has been in Japanese theaters since August and now the movie has arrived here in the states for a limited release. Animes transitioning to a celluloid format is no easy feat as it can contrast with a series’ storytelling. So for me the question going into this movie was could My Hero Academia make this transition? After watching the movie I can safely say that My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is indeed a solid outing for the series.


The plot of Two Heroes deals with Midoriya and All Might traveling to the scientific facility known as I Island. After meeting the Dave and Melissa Shield, not to mention his classmates, Midoriya finds himself in a middle of a conflict as villains take the island hostage. The plot of Two Heroes was fairly straightforward, but that was not a bad thing. The plot was adventurous which kept things exciting. Although with the info stating that the movie would give insight to All Might’s early days, I was hoping that this would play a major factor in the overall story. While All Might’s time in America did play a role in the story, it was a footnote in the overall plot oppose to being a major point . Perhaps the most noteworthy element in Two Hereos’ story was how well it bridged the overall story of the series. The movie does a decent job implementing the series’ plot making it easy for newcomers to understand My Hero Academia while not taking anything away from the movie’s story. So while Two Heroes featured simple storytelling it seems that in this case simple was indeed effective.


My Hero Academia features a solid cast that is embodied with a number of stand out characters. With that in mind it was good to see Two Heroes live up to the series standards in its ensemble. While the movie did not feature major progression for any of the characters it still featured the heroes in a proper light. Along with Midoriya the movie also showcased some of My Hero’s notable characters such as Bakugo, Ida, Uraraka and Todoroki. The movie also utilized some of the series’ minor characters such as Yaoyoruzu, Kirshima and even Mineta. When it came to original characters the likes of Dave and Melissa Shield were good additions to the cast even if their presence was a little tame. The villain was rather typical but given the circumstances he managed to work for the situation. Along with some suprise appearances, as well as a strong supporting character in the likes of All Might, the cast of Two Heroes was a worthy representation for the series and a fairly solid cast for a movie in general.


When it came to the animation My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was pretty decent in its presentation. While some shots could have looked better the overall animation was pretty stellar as it gave the anime a cinematic look. The animation was also beneficial for elements such as the action. The film’s action sequences were impressive especially the movie’s final battle which brought a sense of spectacle to the movie. The music by Yuki Hayashi was effective on the big screen as it is on the little one as the movie utilized the music of My Hero Academia to the best of its ability all the while giving the movie an exhilarating score.

If the goal was to establish My Hero Academia on the silver screen then Two Heroes was indeed successful. If you are unfamiliar with the series then this movie makes it easy enough to understand what the anime/manga is all about. As a film Two Heroes is fairly simple. The story is straightforward and the characters were simplistic in their directions. Then again the movie had its share of impressive elements such as the animation and music.When it came down to it My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was a fitting start for the anime’s cinematic career (should the series continue on the big screen) and if nothing else it was good to see that this anime film turned out to be an enlightening animated feature.

3.5 hats

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