John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum Review: Another Thrilling Chapter in Action Series!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

A few years ago a little action film by the name of John Wick hit the scene. I thought little of it as the movie looked to be just another action movie, and ever since I have been kicking myself for not getting on this thrilling ride. John Wick was more than just another action film as its compelling world and endearing lead character made the movie an exciting experience; and its sequel, John Wick Chapter 2, only enhanced on the first film’s strength. Now the story of famed hitman continues in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. Parabellum ups the stakes for the action hero as John (Keanu Reeves) finds himself on the run from an array of assassins, and the sequel sees Chad Stahelski return to the director’s chair. The latest instalment had much to live up to thanks to its predecessors making such bold statements. How this film ranks in the series I cannot say, but I can say that John Wick Chapter 3 is an action blockbuster worthy of the summer season. 

Continuing from the events of Chapter 2, Parabellum deals with John Wick finding a way out of his predicament which takes him across the world in order to make a deal with the High Table. As stated before one of the more captivating elements to John Wick is the world that the films have created, and it was good to see that Chapter 3 only followed suit with this aspect. The plot of Parabellum expands on elements like John’s origins and the fundamentals of the High Table, which only continues to make the world of John Wick that more compelling. Along with the plot’s sense of world building was the thrilling structure to this action packed story. From beginning to end the plot was the epitome of a thrillride. The beginning,in particular, was well executed as the timer of John being excommunicated was enough to set the stage; not to mention get me on the edge of my seat. There were times where the story could feel muddled in places but these issues were fairly minor as the plot was another exciting chapter for the story of John Wick. 

Since he debuted in 2014,  John Wick has become a new action hero whose tense presence is only complemented by his staggering conflict; and the character has given Keanu Reeves his most notable performances to date. In the case of Chapter 3 John Wick remains as captivating as he has ever been. The movie keep true to the character’s strength as,while John does not go through major progression, his arc remains an investing point for the film. Along with John Wick was the array of solid supporting characters such as Winston (Ian McShane) and the Bowllery King (Laurnence Fishburne). The movie also featured several new characters like the Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon) and Zero (Mark Dacascos) and each managed to stand out in their own right. Yet perhaps the most captivating of the new characters was the ex assassin Sophia (Halle Berry) who,despite her limited screen time, showed a lot of character that could easily be expanded upon. When it came down to it this cast was eccentric, enjoyable and everything I have come to expect from the characters of this action franchise. 

Seeing that this is an action movie it only makes sense that the action would be a highlight for this sequel. The series has featured many stellar action sequences, but in the case of John Wick Chapter 3 the film may have exceeded its predecessors in this area. The action in this film was phenomenal as each scene was executed to near perfection. Aiding the action was the cinematography as the film’s camerawork was fluent and gave each scene definitive shots. Another highlight for the movie was the music by Tyler Bates. The score was thematic in nature and its gritty compositions only added to the thrilling aspects that made John Wick Chapter 3.   

John Wick Chapter 3 certainly lived up to expectations. The film remained true to its franchise by featuring an exciting story, memorable characters and stylish action worthy of its genre. John Wick continues to be noteworthy franchise as the latest chapter not only among the best blockbusters to come out this season, it will likely be one of the best action films to explode on the silver screen this year.

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