It Chapter Two Review: Horror Adaptation Comes to A Fitting End!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

For many years horror fans have been familiar with the Stephen King novel It thanks to the book finding even greater notoriety with the television miniseries released in 1990. Then in 2017 the pop culture world was reintroduced to the tale when It came to the big screen, and it certainly made an impression. In the case of this Film Adventurer It was a frightening sight to behold as its stellar sense of story and character was only matched by its creative scares. Needless to say It was a horror film to remember, but it would not be the end of this story as two years later It Chapter Two would creep onto the silver screen. Once again directed by Andy Mushietti Chapter Two centers on the second part of the novel which features the losers club as adults. Aside from following up its predecessor I was curious to see just how this finale would wrap up. After experiencing all 2 hours and 49 minutes of this horror film I can say with certainty that It Chapter Two was both a worthy conclusion to this frightening adaptation.

Taking place 27 years after the first film the story of Chapter Two centers on the Losers Club returning to Darby in order to stop Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) once and for all. While it could be a little rough in certain areas, the plot of Chapter Two was a well crafted one. While the story was thrilling this chapter diverges from the horror aspects of its predecessor in order to tell a tale that was rooted in its themes and characters; and I for one found this direction refreshing. The concept of rediscovery was a notable theme as it grounded the story and expanded the first film’s plot. The flashbacks to 1989 gave better understanding to not just the characters, but the overall story of It by filling in the gaps within Chapter One’s time frame. Despite not being a traditional haunting tale that is not to say that Chapter Two forgets this aspect as the horror is still important to this story’s narrative; although Pennywise terrorizing the Losers could be a little repetitive. All of this led to a conclusion that, while was a little similar to the first film’s finale, felt appropriate bringing the elements of It to a satisfactory full circle.

I was thoroughly impressed with the cast of 2017’s It. The losers club was a strong ensemble whose individual nature was only complimented by the group’s fantastic chemistry together. Needless to say the adult losers had much to live up to, and they did not disappoint. Each member brought something to the table whether it was dilemma seen in Bill (James McAvoy), Beverly (Jessica Chastain) or Ben (Jay Ryan) to great character moments seen in Ritchie (Bill Hader), Eddie (Adam Bean) and Mike (Isaiah Mustafa). Along with a good sense of character was the stellar chemistry between the group which was just as impressive as their younger counterparts. Speaking of which it was good to see the younger Losers Club again as their characterizations have not wavered since their introduction two years ago. Last and certainly not least was Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. Skarsgard’s portrayal of the dancing clown was show stealer in Chapter One, and it was good to see that the actor came back in full force in Chapter Two. This time around though Pennywise was more of an atmospheric villain and this direction was good for the clown by expanding his presence while making his appearances on screen that more monumental.

The scares of It had a remarkable sense of timing and execution. The horror of Chapter 2 was just as notable despite being less prominent than its predecessor. While there were fewer scares this time around the eerie atmosphere remained as well the ingenuity behind the film’s scare tactics. A major factor for the horror, and the movie itself, was the film’s keen visuals and cinematography. While some of the cg clashed with the cinematography, this aspect remained effective thanks to its presentation which was as imaginative as it was gruesome. The cinematography was beneficial for the film’s execution as each aspect, from the camerawork to the transitions, was handled with fine precision. The film’s transitions were particularly impressive as the change between the past and present was seamless and led to some fantastic shots. The music by Benjamin Wallfisch was a solid continuation from his previous composition. The music brought back the standout tracks of the previous score and, just like Chapter One’s soundtrack, the music of Chapter Two added to the surreal tone behind this horror movie.

It Chapter Two had much to live up to and, in this Film Adventurer’s opinion, it did not disappoint. While the sequel broke away from some of the more notable traits of the first film that is not to say that Chapter Two offer nothing to this two part adaptation; in fact the film brought plenty to the table. The film emphasized the importance of having strong themes and characters all the while keeping things thrilling with its sense of horror. In the end It Chapter Two accomplished a great deal as it was a stylish horror film that not only complimented the first movie, but also created a unique experience to see the season.

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