A Quiet Place Part 2 Review: Silence is Still Golden in this Thrilling Sequel

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

In 2018 the horror world found a new player in the form of A Quiet Place. The film by John Krasinski was a dynamic one as its gripping atmosphere was only matched by its keen sense of character. The film was a commercial success, both financially and critically, and it did not take long for the studio to greenlight a sequel. While Krasinski had no intention to make another film, he eventually came up with an idea for a continuation which would come into fruition in the new movie A Quiet Place Part 2.

Helmed once again by Krasinski, A Quiet Place Part 2 centers on Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her family who, with the help of the unlikely friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy), must endure the harsh world plagued by sound driven monsters. The movie was meant to be released last spring but like many films it had to be postpone due to the pandemic. The film jumped from fall to spring to fall again; however due to circumstances the movie would be moved up just in time for the summer. Between the first film’s notoriety, as well as the elongated release, there was much riding on this sequel. So, after much anticipation it is in this Film Adventurer that A Quiet Place Part 2 did not disappoint.

Starting right where the first one left off, the plot was quickly paced but not to the point where it felt rushed. While the story branches into a new environment it keeps true to the elements that made the first film so effective without it feeling rehashed. Yet the plot only goes so far with its world building. While the story does go into new details, such as the movie’s prologue, the world remains a mystery and while that mystique is effective some clarification may have helped in the plot’s delivery. Despite that issue the plot was exhilarating, and its structure was gripping. This was evident in the final act which was thrilling and creative in its execution, and it made me eager to see where this chilling tale will go next-if there is in fact another chapter.

Like the first film the cast was small but effective. The Abbots continue to be an endearing family that was easy to get behind. The progression these characters take was appropriate with the likes of Regan Abbot (Millicent Simmonds) standing out as she went on a personal adventure that led to a lot of growth for the deaf heroine. As for the newcomer Emmett he was a fine addition to the film. Despite some details being scarce, Emmett’s character was investing and the performance from Murphy gave the broken survivor some captivating layers. Murphy’s scenes with Simmonds, in particular, were impressive as the difference in communication made for some compelling scenes between the unlikely duo. Rounding things out for the cast was John Kransinski as Lee Abbot. Despite his minimal screen time, Kransinski’s performance as Mr. Abbot gave the character a little more development by showing what he was like before the crisis; and this detail encompassed the value of character in this small but solid cast.

The horror of A Quiet Place created a tense atmosphere that made it easy for the likes of jump scares to be effective; and in the case of A Quiet Place Part 2 the scares were no different. Just like its predecessor, the movie used the power of silence to create the perfect atmosphere which led an array of thrills that kept me enthralled throughout the entire film. However, a concern I had was the monsters themselves. The creatures were kept hidden throughout the first film so to see them so prominently in this sequel could have taken away from their effectiveness. However, that was not the case as the monsters were still threatening thanks to the filmmakers knowing when to use these mysterious creatures. Aiding in the movie’s atmosphere was the music by Marco Beltrami who is no stranger in creating compositions for horror films. In the case of this sequel, the score was a character of its own by creating the right mood for a quiet world. While the music could be chilling it was also soothing and captured the emotions of the characters to near perfection, making it a fantastic companion for a movie like A Quiet Place Part 2.

Silence is still golden in A Quiet Place Part 2. Like its predecessor, this sequel’s strengths come from its keen direction in storytelling, character development and atmosphere. Yet this sense of direction could be a double-edged sword as it prevented the movie from creating a bigger world, though when it came to overall presentation this issue was fairly mute. Nevertheless, this film helps to shape A Quiet Place into an impressive series that could easily be a major player in the movie world, but whatever may come next know that A Quiet Place Part 2 is a thrilling cinematic experience that silently brings new chills to the horror genre.

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